Amazon New World

I am hoping enough people here will play so we can create a guild. I pre-purchase.


I’m considering it, I’m definitely interested in the community building aspects within the gameworld. If they are really gonna limit or remove the open PP I would be much more interested. Haven’t pre-ordered yet though, I have to mentally debate given that I will be invested in Star Citizen, Pantheon and then New World if I pre-order it. Do I truly have that much time for MMO games coming up :thinking:. Well, that’s never stopped me before hehe.

They did remove open PVP. They added lots of PVE content. That and they removed the survival part, is the only reason why I pre-ordered it. It is looking like it has real potential now.


Nice that they removed open PvP, I would have preferred they just added some kind of toggle system or something so one could still engage i the open PvP if they wanted, but oh well. I am not too fond of the removal of the survival system though, that is something I actually liked in the game, added a sense of challenge and immersion to the overall gameworld. Guess I’ll have to wait until a beta to hope to see how it has changed.

i was in the first round of testing for this, and it seems it’s a completely different game now. I am considering getting it, but want to see more new features.

I think they are on the right path from all the changes I have read about. I just pre-purchased it since they took out the survival part and now you can flag yourself for PVP if you want. I am looking for to April to start playing in the beta.

Hiya, I pre ordered and am looking forward to playing. I hope they keep some of the survival in it, and the crafting looks straight forward. This should be good! :slight_smile:

I won’t pre-order, but I will wait for the reviews. I liked the game in the early testing and am a bit disappointed to see the survival aspect gone. Gotta get the masses though.

For me, I am very happy the survival part is gone. I think that ruins games.

I had no idea the game was this far along in development. Oh, how the years pass. Their website appears to still describe the old version of the game. Where did you guys find news about the game’s changes? I’d like to read up on it.

I found these two articles.

You can also search on Youtube. A lot of people have posted about the changes that New World made.


What is the “Survival part”?

I have high hopes for this game. Amazon has the money and I assume has hired the right talent to make this happen. The unfortunate part is we just don’t have enough information as to what this game is at this point.

At any rate, here is to high hopes and pre-orders that can be cancelled if needed. With the information at hand now it deserves at least my attention and effort to do that. I am signed up for the newsletter from their New World website, hopefully it will have some information in the near future that’s more clear.

Be great if we had good guild participation. Much is revolved around guilds.

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I am really hoping that we can get enough interest. When you have a large guild it looks like this game will be a lot of fun.

Looking into it, may pre-order

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I pre- purchased as well and hoping otg has a presence

I am looking for something new and will probably give this a try.

Good if it goes right to GG you’re my man :tired_face:

Right to GG ?!?!? It might be the next best thing since sliced bread.


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