[Alliance] World of Warcraft: Classic Officers

Officers for the Alliance side of WoW Classic:

GD Lead: @Finbar
Chapter Leader: @Finbar
PVP Officer: TBA
Events Officer: @Truewall
Recruitment Officer(s): @Mmow, @Moriir, @Equinox
Raid Officer: @Mystron

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What does recruitment officer do?

This is what Dewald had to say about the Recruiting Officer Position.

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I would be interested in recruitment officer if you still have a need………

Hi! Can you meet me in Discord to chat some night at 7 PM Est?

Sure … tomorrow night ok?

Can you do this coming Sunday?

Should be able to…

Sounds good! Talk to you Sunday evening at 7:00 PM?

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Good lord willing and the creek dont rise…

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@equinox - you reminded me of Equinox, Defender of the Horde from back in the day.

Good little meeting tonight!

Good to discuss and confirm a few things.

Talk to you all soon.

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