A way to get REC into the game as "war bonds"

I had an idea while watching the Marvel Captain America movie. Why not allow REC to purchase War Bonds?

Let’s say (for arguments sake) that the player had family that invested in the ongoing war (SQ42) while the character was in the game. War bonds were purchased in their name and depending on how long after entrance into the PU happens after those bonds have not matured yet.

Each character can invest the owned X amount of REC, at the beginning of SQ42, and at the entrance of the PU that amount has matured by X amount of time. Any services rendered (medical; or criminal) directly by the UEE can be paid for by those war bonds at their current matured value. Any services like the described HAVE to happen inside UEE space at the current matured rate, outside of those areas the war bonds value decreases or isn’t valid at all, unless you convert war bonds over to “bearer bonds” that could feed the black market economy.

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