A Light in the Darkness

Please post inspiring stuff about people coming together in these trying times.

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Calgary distillers and brewers band together to produce hand sanitizer amid pandemic

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An Important Announcement From Standing Stone Games, LLC.


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Acts of Kindness

I’m certain that you’re all shocked, but I have an opinion. You don’t have to agree with my opinion, and I’ll still love you if you don’t, but here it is anyway…

These kids who are having their lives so drastically interrupted…let them be sad or angry or hurt. Don’t tell them that just b/c another generation had it worse they should just “buck up” and move on. Don’t dismiss their pain and frustration. Please remember that they too are hurting and confused, but they are also children.

And to that preschooler who was looking forward to a big party with friends at a pizza place…your friends still love you and wish they could celebrate with you.

To those elementary school kids who can’t have play dates over Spring Break…your family hurts with you.

To those teens who have been planning what seems to you like forever for your Sweet 16 or Quinceanera or Bar/Bat Mitzvah…you’ll get your special day, even if it must be a bit scaled back. The sentiments will be there from friends and family.

To the high school seniors who are missing so many of the things that they’ve worked for (Prom, graduation, that last week of school saying goodbye)…we cannot imagine the gamut of emotions you’re cycling through. Know that our hearts break for you as well.

To the young woman who has been planning her wedding for literally her whole life and now has to postpone or move it to a Justice of the Peace…the wedding can happen later, but do what you can for the marriage. It won’t be what you dreamed of, but it can be what you make it.

To the older man who has to say goodbye to his wife of decades at a funeral home that seats a hundred but is only allowed half a dozen visitors at a time…mourn your loss with those available to you and those far away, and say your goodbyes as if the whole world were with you, because she was your whole world.

To all of you…take some time to mourn…be angry and scream into a pillow or throw things…be sad and cry in your shower…be melancholy and lock yourself in a room with your music…BUT…once you’re done, get up, wipe your tears, take those deep breaths, and know that you are loved.

Reach out to a local church to host a yearbook signing party after this is over. Connect with your friends on FB or InstaGram or SnapChat or Twitter…ask your parents to relax some of those restrictions so you can.

Just because someone else had it worse doesn’t mean that your feelings and experiences are invalid. This is a hard and confusing time for everyone, and what little bit of your life you felt you had control of is slipping away. Do what you need to do…and THEN do what needs to be done. We love you all!

– Written by my friend LeAnne Monson and posted to Facebook.

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From Walmart Canada

I currently work overnight Grocery stocking shelves in Texas. Before my store changed hours for the “Curb” in the first few days on my over-extended nights I had few customers stop and Thank & bless me for the work I was doing. Those were the kind and thankful souls not trying to make a $ off the current events but thank me and my coworkers for doing what we do/can given the circumstances that made me appreciate what I have atm. To those, I Thank and surely appreciate and feel their pain as I cannot purchase anything earlier than themselves and not only in their strife for simply trying to afford essentials like soo many did they showed me that not all are selfish but there are still kind and thankful souls amongst us. Bless the many that share these experiences and Thank You! This is just another thing that shall pass. I wish you all a safe and comfortabke journey ahead. It shall only get better in time and hopefully teach and guide other’s towards better acts in the future. Cheers


The Queen’s speech was today and I never even got the turkey on in time :stuck_out_tongue: Merry Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

There are 3 trials that started last week in the uk with 900 odd patients who signed up for it .going to still be a few weeks away , for any results, but all use modified existing drugs that are already approved. Also high doses of vitamin C intravenously administered seem to have a slowing effect on the virus in another trial. We can all but hope

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Introducing the Genesis Film Festival, a celebration of live footage for you to enjoy at home during lockdown! Over the coming 5 weeks, every Saturday from 8pm BST / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT a new Genesis concert film will be made available to watch on the band’s official YouTube channel for 7 days. First up this week is ‘Three Sides Live’ from 1981! Don’t miss a thing by subscribing to the channel now - smarturl.it/YouTubeGenesis

· #GenesisFilmFestival programme ·

Saturday, April 18th · Three Sides Live (1981)
Saturday, April 25th · The Mama Tour (1984)
Saturday, May 2nd · Live At Wembley Stadium (1987)
Saturday, May 9th · The Way We Walk (1992)
Saturday, May 16th · When In Rome (2007)