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Horde Officer List

Chapter Leader: Weltazar (Forum Name) OTG Character Names: Weltazar, Weltamus, Weltzilla, Weltaholic, Weltaelf, Weltaminster Co-Chapter Leader: Penfold (Forum Name) OTG Character Names: Penfold, Lendyn, Zenfold, Pennyfo…

5 July 5, 2019
About the WoW Horde Chapter Information category 2 July 5, 2019
Guild Welcome Message/Toon Limits/Chapter Info Repost

Greetings! My name is ***, and I am one of the WoW Horde Chapter Staff. Welcome the WoW Horde Chapter of OTG! Our Chapter is playing on the Kul Tiras/Bladefist server. Once you have a character on the Kul Tiras or Blad…

4 July 5, 2019