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Post your Origin Names here!

Going to track down the posts that have Origin names and consolidate them into this post so you can find each other. If you need to list yours, have at it! I think I caught all of the existing posts. If I missed yours…

117 January 24, 2020
ANTHEM--anyone playing it on PS4?

Hey, anyone playing Anthem on the PS4? I know it’s taken some knocks but I think the game still has potential. Please add me on PSN ID is Three_Moons Yes I am part of the OTG on PSN!

6 January 24, 2020
Want A Guild Invite?

Currently, in-game clan/guild is named “OTG”. Submit a NEW invite request (i.e. your own thread!) here as usual in General Games: 1 Don’t forget to mention whi…

3 August 7, 2019
No Guilds At Launch

"Guilds will not be available at launch. While Bioware believes in the Alliance system, the developers will try to release guilds ASAP. Anthem launches worldwide on February 22."

5 May 3, 2019
Master Roster List

Please go here to post your origin name. kasen23 TheDoibs DoomProphet Floyd-Tha-Barber Jeralrik Vowels-OTG DoomProphet nightwriter2000 Ben…

3 August 7, 2019
Anthem on XB1

Anyone playing Anthem on XBox One? If you are, please respond here so we can all friend each other. Having friends who play Anthem helps with the Alliance system bonuses, and it’s definitely made for group play. My XB1…

7 August 7, 2019
Discord Chat/Voice

Courtesy of our outstanding relationship with General Games, there is now a text and voice channel for Anthem in the (soon to be moving out of…) Game Development section. Happy chatting! :speaking_head: Don’t forget t…

15 February 23, 2019
When Anthem Clans/Guilds Happen In A Future Update General Games Will

Put NCOs/Officers into place to handle invites and reopen this topic. Right now for PC - we have, minimally, @Benbrada Xbox One - we have, minimally, @Ordegar PS4 - Working on it

3 February 19, 2019
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